It’s a struggle at the moment with lockdown and the weather against us when it comes to getting out and about. Our focus is always on free and cheap activities but now it’s also on staying local. So we have gathered our top tips for enjoying your local area during lockdown number three (feels like number 333!)

  1. Use AllTrails to find great walking routes or to create your own.

I can’t rave about this app enough! It has been our saviour during lockdown and before. We have never done the same route twice, as there is such a wonderful choice but also the website allows you to plot your own routes. This is great if you need to adapt to accommodate accessibility, kids or just in my case, the constant avoidance of inclines! 

The AllTrails app and website is free which is perfectly functional for regular use but there is a PRO version for downloading maps if you are going off way off grid with no service which is pretty reasonable at £30 a year. 

  1. Make it a challenge and count your [insert as appropriate]!

Turn your daily exercise into a challenge by counting steps, floor elevations or your pace. Whatever it is, choose something that is attainable and spurs you on rather than making you feel defeated. We use the Apple watch workout app to monitor our pace for a mile and try to shave a little off each time we do a long walk. Many charities run step challenges such as BHF or Diabetes UK

  1. Add a sense of purpose with a hunt

Who doesn’t love a treasure hunt?! Engage your kids with a scavenger hunt; number hunt, bird spotting or colour hunt. Our Christmas 2020 present for our eldest (8) was a metal detector which we had much fun with dropping pennies in the mud ahead of our Christmas day walk! We can’t wait to try it out on the beach. As adults, you can get in on the fun by Geo-caching which is a global treasure hunt including millions of geocache which you find and can add to and log your finds. We have blogged about this before and you can read our best picks here.

  1. Woodland Trust

Once you’re in a wood the real world melts away and you can lose yourself in the wonderful surroundings of fungi and birdsong and the rustle of leaves. There are so many woods around your local area and sometimes it’s just knowing where to look. That’s where The Woodland Trust comes in. They have a searchable map of woodland near you that means you can find some hidden spots right on your doorstep. Challenge yourself to explore a new woodland each week or month and pair with one of the above top tips for an added boost.

  1. Use our website

Time for a shameless plug! At What Shall We Do Today are trying to collate as many free and cheap activities and locations on our searchable maps. Just head over to the home page and pop in your postcode to see what is within your radius. As we tend to focus on places without an entry fee, the chosen locations tend to be unaffected by COVID restrictions but it is always best to check their website directly for details (which we will always link to).

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